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Portable Mini Real Time Tracker GSM GPRS GPS Tracker MGPS-TK102

Portable Mini Real Time Tracker GSM GPRS GPS Tracker MGPS-TK102 The instantaneous fairly easy in use, the device works on GPS satellite network GSM/GPRS-850/900/1800/1900MHZ and positioning system to track distant objects with a short message, internet , tablet or smartphone. It is not difficult to use this device. Tracking reporting can use SMS so it does not require a special platform and will reduce costs for the server.
If you have a vehicle rental business, or someone very important so you should know where their existence, then you need a tool called a "tracker". When the first tracker device is bulky and expensive, not anymore. Like those of the MGPS-TK102. This tool can keep track of rental vehicle or engine outdoor, monitor a child or children who suffer from specific diseases of concern when you are away from home. This tool can also be used to protect other important person, you can even keep track of your employees who are out of town.

With the relatively small size, 46 x 64 x 17 mm and weighs only 40 grams, the device this one already has an antenna and an internal battery so it is easy to carry or inserted at certain places.
Standard functions this tool can actually track in real time (instantaneous) to position latitude, longitude and digital maps. Even though the tracked object is placed in underground locations where no signal is found, the tool will still be able to report the final position has ever tracked. This tool also has an auto-tracking capability that can be set based reporting intervals or specific times. With the ability of SOS and monitoring functions, this tool can also report if the position was out of position or area that has been determined.
When placed on the vehicle, this tool can be reported when the vehicle traveling in excess of a predetermined speed. E-lock function on the tool allows you to send SMS and stop the flow of oil or off the vehicle remotely.
Specifications: GPS chip: SIRF3; Channel: 20; Sensitivity:-159dBm; Precision: within 5 meters; Tracking time: Warm operation is 1s in average, cold operation is 35S in average; Recharge: on car (input 12V, output 5V), recharge on flashboard (input 110-220V, output 5V) Li-battery: rechargeable / replaceable 3.7V, 800mAh lithium-battery; Price: $ 54.50
Package Purchase:
1x GPS tracker, 1x AC adapter, 2x Batteries, 1x User manual 1x magnetic back cover, water proof bag 1X, 1X CD, 1xCar Charger (optional), Adaptor for connecting directly with the 12V vehicle power (optional); Packing Details: 1set / gift box, 40sets/Carton, GW: 16kg/CTN, NW: 15kg/CTN, Carton Size: 50cm * 40cm * 20cm

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