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.Thinking back to her contacts whose numbers add tens or even hundreds of tiring enough, let alone have to do. do not really need so if you have previously made "Back up files" to contact your fuel.

although simple in fact many blackberry users are not aware of that feature. following steps to back up and restore her back BBM contacts.

1. Open your fuel, then press the menu key (the emblem BlackBerry logo on your phone) select 'Options'.

How To Backup Contact BBM2. You will get the option to fuel menyuting search tab 'Backup Management' as the picture above, you'll see three choices, you just select the 'Backup'.

How To Backup Contact BBM3. There are two modes to backup contacts BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) you, 'Backup files remotely' and 'Backupfiles locally'

Backup Files Remotely

Backup files remotely ie backup your BBM contact by registering your email account to be associated with the contact BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) and your saved contact list or BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) in your backups automatically to the RIM servers.

How to backup your BBM contacts with the method of backup files remotely:

How To Backup Contact BBMJika you choose your backup files remotely in order to select the email that you will use for the Register a. Note: if you do not have email, create email accounts for your BlackBerry first.

How To Backup Contact BBMKalau already appears a message like the above, it means the email has succeeded in Register a.

Backup Files Locally

Just as your BlackBerry data backup to a memory card, with the backup files locally, the backup contact your fuel will be stored into the memory card. Note: I would recommend using this method, because sometimes the 'Restore' BBM contacts with the backup files remotely sketchy.

How to backup your BBM contacts with the method of backup files locally, namely:

How To Backup Contact BBMBuka backup files locally, and simply select 'Backup'. If the backup process is finished 'save' it's the backup file your BBM contacts.

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