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10 most popular mobile in indonesia

Indonesia is a developing country and do not miss also the development of increasingly sophisticated technology.
Indonesia's mobile phone market with rapid growth. Given the large number of mobile users and the flood of various brands and types of mobile phones. Not only mobile products overseas, the local mobile phone was quite competitive with the new release with excellent products at affordable prices.

Here are the 10 most popular mobile search results based on data for June.

1. Apple iPhone 5. Until now, Apple never even gave an official statement about the Apple iPhone 5. Various rumors popping up that would make many people more curious. One rumor says that Apple has set up 15 million units Apple iPhone 5. The iPhone is thought to be produced in Taiwan and will be marketed in September this year.

Supposedly some observers phones, the latest generation of iPhone will not experience significant changes in appearance but will carry the A5 dual-core processor and 8-megapixel camera. In fact, some believe predicted the Apple iPhone 5 will have a dual-mode technology, CDMA as well as GSM. Peek assembly here.

2. Samsung S2 Galaxy. Samsung mobile brand more known by the people of Indonesia. One of the best-selling flagship phone is the Samsung Galaxy S2 which they categorize as super smartphones. In Indonesia, mobile phones contain ARM Cortex A9 processor dual-core, super screen plus a 4.3-inch AMOLED, applying Gingerbread and has an 8 megapixel camera is officially released on July 6, 2011. See the specifications here.

3. Nexian Champion. Stretching local mobile phone market began to rise in Indonesia, one of which is branded phones Nexian. Serious work on the domestic market, released Nexian Champion Nexian NX-G965 which features a touch screen, equipped with wifi and has the most wide-screen Touch Series Nexian among others.

4. Nexian Tap. This phone is a phone that was first in a series released by Nexian Nexian Touch Series. Nexian NX G868 TAP is a success in sales due to a very affordable price by the Indonesian market and become the first touch screen phone that comes with dual SIM card facility.

5. Nokia 6600. Phones that this one was never forgotten by the people of Indonesia. Evidenced by the number of searches on mobile phones is still very popular from 2004 to 2005. Now the price of this phone is more affordable than when first released in those years.

6. Nexian Cappuccino. Cell phones are already equipped with a wifi phone that is incorporated in Nexian Touch Series but has a screen measuring 3.2 inches and is priced under Nexian Champion.

7. Hape Esia Connect. This phone was released by cooperating with the Esia CDMA provider. This phone was launched under the name Hape Esia Connect. This phone is intended for low-end market with an affordable internet package and features a Facebook application.

8. Nokia C5. In order to penetrate the lower-middle market, Nokia released the Nokia Series C. Nokia C5 is already available on the market since last year but this year Nokia to regenerate by releasing Nokia C5-00 5MP. Compared with the old version, not much change from the view outside. The difference is that the camera has a resolution of 5 megapixels and a storage capacity and RAM data are much larger than the Nokia C5. This difference.

9. Nokia C3. At launch date of June 5, 2010 then, the phone is immediately invaded by the consumer. Because the phone is a phone that is very affordable with enough features complete and in line with consumer expectations. This phone is equipped with WiFi, QWERTY key board and added to the Nokia Communities and Push Mail.

10. BlackBerry Onyx. BlackBerry is very popular in Indonesia and one type that is still popular today is the BlackBerry Bold. This phone has the advantage of the BlackBerry OS 5, BIS, Pushmail, A-GPS, WiFi and HSDPA technology. In December 2010, Research In Motion released the latest version of BlackBery Bold 9780 or more popularly known as the BlackBerry Onyx 2. Superior to previous versions because it has hardware specifications and software that is more qualified to carry the BlackBerry OS 6, the size of 512 MB of RAM that is two-fold greater, and a 5 megapixel camera.

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